Greetings Fellow Bakers!

  Hi Everyone (and there are a lot of you). My name is Anne and I am new to the Baking with Dorie group. Like most of you, I heard Dorie interviewed on Talk of the Nation and was inspired by her enthusiasm to give this a try!

   I am so glad I did! When I read that bread was first up on the agenda, I won’t lie, I wasn’t happy. I live at 5000 feet and since moving here I have had NO success with bread. In fact, I gave my bread machine to Goodwill because it was dead to me.  Well, much to my amazement, my bread turned out great!! How could that possibly happen you may ask?? I will tell you…..

      I asked for help on the P & Q page and got this advice:     use less flour. I checked my other cookbook “The New High Altitude Cookbook” and it not only confirmed the advice I received, but also told me to bake the bread at 25 degrees higher for the first 10 minutes of baking and then drop it down to the temperature stated in the recipe. Since I was interested in success, I followed these instructions and to my surprise produced the best bread that I have ever made. As soon as I learn how to upload pictures, I will have visual evidence of my success!

   I am now a baker of bread.

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