Didn’t go as I had hoped….

Well, another disappointing  outcome. My lemon loaf was dry and heavy (think rock). I knew from the outset this would be a tricky assignment. Cakes at 5,000 feet typically require lots of adjustments to get a good product. I researched. I faithfully did all the adjustments listed in my good old New High Altitude Cookbook. I even splurged  on organic cake flour. The cake gods were unhappy with me and the garbage can gods were hungry because that is where my inedible lemon loaf ended up, when all was said and done. Even the dog couldn’t be persuaded to eat my lemon loaf, and that is saying something. I am not a baker of lemon loaf, despite my sincere efforts =(.

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9 Responses to Didn’t go as I had hoped….

  1. Cathleen says:

    So sorry to hear that! Give yourself an A+ for effort. You deserve it!

  2. Hope you are having fun anyway. You certainly deserve extra credit for baking with altitude challenges. The regular baking assignments should certainly give you opportunities to learn how the fine tune the special adjustments you have to make. Don’t be discouraged. Keep baking!!!

  3. smarkies says:

    sorry to hear it didn’t go well. Have you checked out piebird’s post? She also bakes at high altitudes – http://cookteachgrow.wordpress.com/2012/04/15/ive-been-loafing/

  4. tomatothymes says:

    Sounds challenging, but you gave it a try and I believe there a resources out there to help with the altitude issues.


  5. Cher says:

    Sorry this one didn’t work out for you, but at least the garbage can gods were happy 🙂

  6. Oh no!! I can’t imagine having to make all those adjustments. Better luck with the Shortbread!

  7. Piebird says:

    Cakes, even “simple” ones can be tricky. Sometimes it’s best to bake the recipe as is, and then figure out what to change from the “symptoms”. I know how frustrating it can be to waste ingredients, but try not to worry about that as you gain experience!

  8. Marilyn says:

    Sounds like this cake tended towards dryness even without the altitude challenge. I know it’s frustrating to waste ingredients, but a good way to learn is to bake the recipe without any adjustments, and then try it again based on problems you find. Keep up the A+ efforts!

  9. Piebird says:

    whoops! sorry! didn’t realize it posted twice (now you have 3 from me). 😉

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